Top Auto Insurance Claims

For many motorists, an accident is the worst-case scenario. While no one plans to be involved in an accident, there are countless things that can go awry, leading to a costly repair. However, understanding the most common claims can educate drivers and give them some insight on how to avoid an accident or damage. Luckily, the right  Indianapolis Auto Insurance is here to help. Here are some of the most common auto insurance claims nationwide.

Rear end accidents.

These occurrences are always the fault of the person who collides into the car in front of them. These types of accidents are incredibly common in bustling traffic, parking lots, and stoplights, and often result in whiplash injuries.

Windshield damage.

People who drive on country roads or highways have the highest chance of catching a rock in the windshield, but this type of situation can occur nearly anywhere where debris can fly up and damage a windshield. This is covered under comprehensive coverage; if the glass is repairable, the deductible is usually waived. Otherwise, a deductible will apply to the windshield replacement, explains Car Insurance 101.


If your car becomes the victim of malicious mischief, chances are you’ll need your insurance company to cover the repairs. From egging to sugar in the gas tank to keying, there is no shortage of damage that can be done- all costing a pretty penny to fix.

Wind and hail.

Blowing debris and hail have the potential to cause serious damage. Depending on the size of the hail, your car could suffer dents and even broken windows. Bear in mind that even drivable vehicles can still be considered totaled by hail storms.

Single-car collisions.

A single-car accident can range from a vehicle colliding with a road sign to one hitting a tree or running off the road in a roll-over accident. These types of accidents often occur during inclement weather. Single-car accidents are always considered to be the fault of the driver unless there are extenuating circumstances, like mechanical failures. Many fatal auto accidents are single-car collisions, especially when drunk drivers are involved, explains the article.

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