The Pros and Cons of Renting Privately

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who rents a living space each month, you likely understand the hassles that come along with it. While renting is never a bad thing, it can come with some ups and downs, especially as they relate to communication, price, and rental laws. In this article, we’re going to explore the pros and the cons of renting privately as opposed to finding a dwelling through a professional property management company. Wherever you choose to live, protect your belongings with a comprehensive IN Renters Insurance policy.


  • Cost – Private landlords can set their own prices (according to fair market value), which saves you money. While the price will likely reflect the supply and demand of rentals in your local area, there are no administrative or renewal fees and no commissions to pay.
  • Communication – Access to a private landlord with local knowledge is far more convenient than dealing with several people who may not be as familiar with the property. Landlords who live in the neighborhood of the rental property are usually approachable about issues with the property or to answer questions about utilities and maintenance, says Easy Roommate.
  • Flexibility – Many property management firms offer stiff leasing periods with little to no room for negotiation. However, with a private landlord, you can be more flexible with leasing and contract terms.
  • Safety – Your landlord owns the rental unit you’re living in, which means he or she has a vested interest in keeping the property safe. If there are any concerns, you can bring those directly to the landlord to be fixed immediately.


There are a lot of positive aspects of renting from a private landlord, but no living situation is without its potential flaws. Here are the respective downsides of renting from a private owner.

  • Lack of knowledge – If you have a new landlord, he or she might not be familiar with their obligations as one, and leaving you on the hook for damages and repairs that they should be paying for.
  • Failure to regulate – Going hand in hand with the point above, there are some pitfalls that come with long tenancies and inexperienced landlords. Take your time and read through the leasing contract to be sure everything is fair and legal before signing.

Such obligations could include energy performance regulations, repairs and maintenance, fire and gas safety, immigration regulations, and other government requirements. A landlord who does not know about these regulations could be putting you at risk in terms of safety and legal compliance.

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