Small Business Security: Preventing Cyber Breaches

As a small business owner, you want to build a strong brand and set the foundation for a lucrative business. Apart from hiring the right employees, executing your idea flawlessly, and growing your business, prioritizing security should also be a top concern. As the digital age becomes more progressive, so do the cyber risks. What was once a distant threat is now a reality for businesses of all types and sizes. In addition to reading on, back your business with a comprehensive Indianapolis Cyber Liability Insurance policy.

Grasp the evolution of cyber threats.

As we mentioned above, cyber security threats are growing quickly. Cybersecurity preparedness starts with having a complete understanding of the internal and external vulnerabilities that can affect any business, how hackers can gain entry including their different methods and motives, and how to identify points of weakness. Learn the different types of cyber fraud schemes and common threats – everything from phishing and spoofing scams, social engineering, malware, systems hacking, pharming, and everything in between, explains Forbes.

Ingrain cyber protection policies into each employee.

Whether you operate a business of 2 or 20, each individual employee needs to understand their part in upholding cyber security. Creating a written cyber security policy is the first step in mitigating potential exposures. For example, this policy should include safe web browsing practices, what red flags indicate a breach, and create strong and unique passwords. Even if you trust all of your employees, only managers and partners should be the gatekeepers to confidential data.

Don’t rely on email.

Phishing scams are common, and email is the easiest way for a hacker to pose as a client and access confidential information. If you receive a financial request via email, confirm this with the client over the phone or in person. Never give out credit card or banking information online.

Update systems.

As new versions and security measures are added to your software, update them immediately. You don’t want to rely on outdated security to protect every bit of data your business needs to operate.

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