Here’s What to Do if Someone is Hurt on Your Property

It’s the worst case scenario for any homeowner- someone gets injured on your property. Whether it’s the mailman slipping on your stairs or a friend trips and falls over a cord and breaks an arm. There are so many different scenarios for how someone could become injured in your home or on your property- but how does compensation and recovery work? In this article, we’ll explore how your Carmel Home Insurance can assist with medical and legal costs.

Who pays for the recovery costs?

Depending on your coverage, your homeowner’s insurance typically provides a $25,000 policy on injuries sustained in the home and you are found at fault. There’s another option where the insurance policy will cover minor damages without admission of guilt- usually up to $5,000.

Who is at fault?

It depends on the scenario, but if the insurance company claims the injured guest should have reasonably avoided the incident- such as avoiding an object in plain sight on the floor- they can refuse to pay out any money on the claim.

On the other hand, however, your insurance company will pay the damages up to your policy amount if the homeowner is found to be at fault.

Bear in mind that if your insurance company and the injured person cannot come to an agreement, you are more likely to be sued for compensation. This means that your insurance company will only cover damages up to your policy amount, then you’d be on the hook for the rest.

If you’re worried about someone becoming injured on your property, inquire about increasing your limits with your insurance company today.

How to handle an accident on your property.

If an injury happens in your home, you can help your case by taking pictures shortly afterward to document the conditions in your home. If a visitor claims he or she slipped on your icy walk, but it was dry outside, be sure to document that fact. Contact your insurer immediately and provide insurance information to the injured party, says Insurance Quotes.

What if a contractor is injured on my property?

If you don’t employ the contractor yourself, then their workers’ compensation coverage would cover their injury and medical costs. However, if your employee, such as your nanny, was injured, you’d have to carry your own workers’ compensation insurance to protect yourself against liability claims.

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