Did You Know Your Home Insurance Covers This?

If you’re a new homeowner, chances are you don’t know much about your Indianapolis Homeowners Insurance policy other than the fact it’s required and gives you some peace of mind. While this policy is necessary, it provides additional coverage for things you probably haven’t thought about before. So, before you assume some of the losses you could suffer are going to be your financial burden, read on to discover the little-known features of your current home insurance policy.

Interior design.

Most coverage options allow homeowners to value the price of their home and the belongings inside. If you are a victim of a house fire and your home burns down, you might be able to get your insurance company to pay for an interior decorator. This will only be considered if an interior designer was used to furnish the home before it was damaged and possessions were lost. Some designers can come with a huge price tag, so not all insurance companies will allow the coverage, but it can be worth it to put in a request after your home is damaged, says Cover Hound.


Say, for instance, you had a pair of barstool chairs you adored. If one was to become damaged or stolen, your home insurance policy would front the money for you to replace the other. You don’t have to live with mismatched pairs of items in your home!


Your home insurance policy covers your personal belongings in your home, and that means your jewelry. If it’s lost or stolen, you can file a claim on your home insurance policy to recover the losses. For big ticket items such as these, however, it’s smart if you document these assets when signing up for your policy so that your carrier doesn’t have a discrepancy as to how much it’s worth.

Spoiled food.

If your power goes out and all of your food in your refrigerator spoils, your home insurance policy can come in handy. In fact, the ordinance coverage in this policy will provide up to around $500 to replace all of your food. If you have a big family and think you’ll need more, talk to your trusted insurance adviser to boost your coverage amounts.

Dog bites.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, dog bites accounted for more than one-third of all homeowner’s insurance claims in 2012. If your dog bites or injures someone, you can file a claim with your home insurance policy. In fact, most states provide coverage for these injuries at no additional cost, but it’s best you ask your carrier just in case if you’re a dog owner.

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