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Business Insurance and Surety Bonds

Indianapolis small to midsize businesses have the same insurance needs as a large company. You must protect everything in your business, equipment, employees, and your future! McClain Matthews Insurance represents a number of business insurance providers allowing them to compare different companies and rates, plus provide a wide range of business insurance. No matter what kind of business, retails stores, offices, construction, or most anything else, McClain Matthews can reduce your costs and offer complete coverage. As an Independent Insurance Agent we can find the right business insurance company for your specific needs no matter how large, or small, your business.

  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Auto & Truck
  • Commercial Liability
  • Commercial Excess Liability Coverage
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Group & Individual Health Insurance
  • And More


Liability insurance provides protection from claims arising from injuries or damage to other people or property. Even a slip and fall accident can expose you to significant risk. Businesses and individuals are exposed to a wide variety of risks. In addition to general liability coverage, McClain Matthews can help you identify risks specific to your business. Their consultation will determine the type of liability coverage require Being an independent agent McClain Matthews has more than one option to provide the coverage you need so you know you get the right coverage at the right price.

Property Insurance

No matter how successful your Indianapolis business there are things beyond your control that can mean financial ruin, fire, theft, storm damage, and even broken equipment can destroy your business. McClain Matthews Insurance offers a full line of business property insurance that can safeguard your most valuable assets. With years of experience insuring businesses of all types, McClain Matthews has the knowledge to construct the right coverage for you. All-risk policies cover a wide-range of incidents and perils except those noted in the policy. There are also peril-specific policies that cover only incidents specifically listed in the policy such as fire, crime and business interruption insurance.

What type of property insurance is right for you business? McClain Matthews can guide you to the right decision. Since they represent a number of business insurance providers, they can match your needs with the right company, providing you the right property insurance coverage at the right price.

Contractors, Surety Bonds

McClain Matthews Insurance has been covering Indianapolis contractors for years. Our experience in designing an insurance policy for large or small contractors, assures you proper coverage. McClain Matthews Insurance can protect your insurable interest in materials, fixtures and/or equipment being used in the rebuilding, remodeling or construction of a building with builder’s risk coverage. In addition, we can help with workers compensation, general liability, bonds, disability, commercial auto and truck, errors and omissions coverage.

Your custom designed contractors’ insurance plan protects your business, lowers your risk and can be the difference between staying in business or not should catastrophe strike.

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